Aphik Design is in business to make sure a client’s vision for curtains, bedsheets, and another soft furnishings are realized in every detail. That is, looking right, working right, priced right and delivered on time.

Aphik Design has experienced in many grueling years, In 1994, we began to produce and supply many kinds of fabrics for fashion. In 2008, we build a new firm called Aphik Design as specialists for supplying hotels with excellent materials and incredible fabrics. We have supplied hotels all around Indonesia with curtain blackouts, upholsteries, bedsheets, and souvenirs.

Our Mision
To Provide Products and Services with Quality,
To be partners for our customer,
To construct your true home, where your heart truly is

Our Vision
Our Vision is to be a competitive and professional company in fabric supplying business, to fulfill national, residential and commercial needs in Indonesia.

Advantages you receive upon choosing us
=> Quality and Price
We serve you international quality products with the best possible cost.
=> Professional and Competent teams
We have teams who can make your dream house and hotels become reality without hassle. You just pick the fabrics and we can handle the rest.
=> Made to Order Fabrics
If you can’t find the design that suit you, or you have a great design, you can contact us to create your fabrics. Please allow us to make your dream house and hotels come true with our great services.
=> Easy Maintenance
With Aphik Design, maintenance is not something that you have to worry about. Our fabrics are high quality and easy to maintain. We produce blackout linings with silicon which can be washed many times, or fire retardant, which can protect your lovely place from fire.
=> Friendly staff
If you have a problem or are having truble deciding on what fabric or design you would like, please feel free to contact our friendly staff. After sales, support is our priority.